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DOG 1L Wash Refill by Dr Lisa Available

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For the most part, a wipe and brush is enough to keep your dog clean. But occasionally, that puddle-jumping, butt-sniffing furball is going to need a bath. This is for those times.

We should only wash our dogs every 4-6 weeks or even less (unless your vet has prescribed a specific medicated shampoo). If your dog is visibly dirty, and you are unable to get them clean with a good wipe and brush, then it’s time for some bubbles. Washing too frequently can disrupt the natural defences of the coat, making your dog even more stinky and potentially contributing to skin diseases.

100% biodegradable
Vegan friendly
Recyclable aluminium bottle
Not tested on animals, just lovingly used on them
Recommended and used by vets - especially Dr Lisa Chimes

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    DOG 1L Wash Refill by Dr LisaDOG 1L Wash Refill by Dr Lisa