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Chocolate Beach Bunny Available

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Mayfield Chocolates, Hollow Easter bunny.
Beach Bunny is the secret admirer of Mr Suave... What is she talking about...?

Made from the same quality chocolate as everything else in the Mayfield's chocolate range. Bow colour may vary.

Beach Bunny stands 20cm High
She also happens to be Gluten Free and available in a Vegan Dairy Free Option..

Mayfield Chocolates was founded in 1993 in Australia and has remained Australian owned. Founded in 1983 in Australia, the fundamental philosophy of Mayfield Chocolates, has always been to make use of real Australian ingredients and to use them in imaginative and original ways with chocolate of the highest quality. The result is that the chocolates “taste real”. Mayfield Chocolates recipes were developed in the Brisbane test kitchen and sensorily evaluated by experts. Almost all are in fact world firsts. They are not just copies of existing chocolates you might have tried elsewhere, so they make an ideal gift for someone with a discerning palate. One feature to note is that Mayfield’s chocolates contain fresh cream or cocoa butter - not vegetable fats, which can leave a “waxy” residue in the mouth. Mayfield’s is a highly awarded Chocolatier, both in Australia and Belgium.

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Chocolate Beach BunnyChocolate Beach BunnyChocolate Beach BunnyChocolate Beach BunnyChocolate Beach BunnyChocolate Beach Bunny