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Blooming White Tea Balls (Pack 4) Available

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White tea, Peony and Hibiscus flowers, wild Raspberry and Strawberry flavour Blooming Balls. Packed full of amazing flavour in a taste explosion with wonderful visual effect.

Hint: To make the most of your tea, we recommend brewing in a teapot between 600ml and 700ml. If you want the blooming tea to flower as well as it can, choose a rounder shape. Remember that smaller capacity teapots will mean the brew becomes strong very quickly, larger ones will take longer for the tea to brew. You can top up the hot water if necessary – we advise two to three top ups if using a 600ml teapot.

Tea has been used for centuries as a means of impressing and entertaining guests – whether it’s a special variety you serve, or your choice of tea service sets, the drink really has a chance to make an impression.

What is blooming tea?

If you haven’t come across blooming tea before, it is a ball of tea leaves that have been sewn together.

This gives the tea a bulb-like form, which will open up when it comes into contact with boiling water.

As the name suggests, the flower will start to bloom and eventually appear as a flower sat in the bottom of whatever vestibule you choose.

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