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Blooming Green Tea Balls (Pack 4) Available

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Green tea is renowned for its clean, crisp flavour – and this is no exception. It complements the marigold, jasmine and lily perfectly, making a great tea that can be consumed at any time of day.

The marigold flower is a natural cleansing herb and lilies are thought to have a calming effect.

Hint: Remember that the smaller the teapot, the stronger the brew. We recommend using a teapot with a 600ml to 700ml capacity, preferably rounder in shape but tall enough to display the blooming tea. In a larger teapot, top up the water two to three times to produce a tea that is to your liking.

You can sweeten this tea with honey or sugar and it can be enjoyed as part of a light meal or on its own. It is best served hot, following dinner.

Tea has been used for centuries as a means of impressing and entertaining guests – whether it’s a special variety you serve, or your choice of tea service sets, the drink really has a chance to make an impression.

What is blooming tea?

If you haven’t come across blooming tea before, it is a ball of tea leaves that have been sewn together.

This gives the tea a bulb-like form, which will open up when it comes into contact with boiling water.

As the name suggests, the flower will start to bloom and eventually appear as a flower sat in the bottom of whatever vestibule you choose.

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