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G125 Long Filament LED Bulb

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G125 Long Filament LED Bulb with clear glass - 8W E27 2200K

The G125 (12.5cm diameter) combines the large round bulb with new filament LEDs and that are the warmest on the market. All our Vintage LED bulbs are dimmable.

Vintage LED filament bulbs are the warmest on the market (2700k - very warm white for those on the colour temperature scale) and give you the same look as the old incandescent tungsten globe - just without the power consumption and resulting carbon emissions. Vintage LEDs operate at a really low temperature - you can safely touch the bulb while it is on, making them ideal for many applications.

SHAPE: Large Ball

DIAMETER: 12.5cm

FINISH: Frosted


COLOUR TEMPERATURE: 2700k (Very Warm White)


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