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Meekz Shaped Studs Available

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These studs are made from recycled Brass, Copper and Sterling Silver.

Handmade in Brisbane by Meekz Contemporary Jewellery they feature sterling silver posts and are super lightweight.

Recycled metal has been hand forged using different texturing hammers and metal stamps to create these unique textures.

Each stud measures approximately 10mm to 12mm Diameter.

They are available in a natural finish OR with a blackened oxide / patina finish.

The Oxide / Patina is a surface treatment that will wear away over time, revealing the metal below. This is exacerbated if cleaned too much, so I recommend only cleaning when necessary.  Should you wish to have them re-oxided after the patina has worn away, just contact me and I can arrange this service. 

If you have the natural finish and would like to maintain the polished look, you will need to clean them regularly using Brass or Silvo

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Meekz Shaped StudsMeekz Shaped StudsMeekz Shaped StudsMeekz Shaped Studs