Striving to cultiviate your home. To enrich, to nurture, to refine.

Welcome to Cultivate Design Co, a creative retail store showcasing a unique curation of style ideas for you and your home. An engaging combination of interiors, botanicals and design, from nearby and a far.

Within our store you will find unique homewares, homedecor, plants, original artwork, prints, photography, soft furnishings, lighting, ceramics, glassware, framed butterfly specimens, lifestyle products, books, gifts, jewellery and accessories.

When considering designing a new interior, we strive to firstly discover the soul and essence of a space, finding the spirit that a home or space captures of the those living within it, a homage of their past and a re-flection of their future. Once realized, it can then be uniquely added to.

Cultivate Design Co offers a variety of services including - A retail store, potted plant solutions, interior decorating design and advice packages, custom picture framing, sourcing of decor, artwork, furniture and lighting.