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Midas 24K Gold Olive Oil 250ml Available

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Midas 24K Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil is lovingly hand-bottled in Australia from locally sourced olives and infused with 24 Karat Gold flakes! It is a bold, exceptionally well-balanced finishing oil featuring the frantoio olive - a Tuscan varietal grown in the Grampians region of Victoria, Australia. Each olive tree produces enough olives to make 4 bottles of Midas 24K Olive Oil. 24 Karat Gold flakes are gently mixed into the organic oil and hand-bottled in small batches. From there, it finds it’s forever home in you or your loved ones’ kitchen.

Be Inspired

With intense fruity charm and a peppery finish, Midas 24K Olive Oil is best enjoyed atop rocket salads, fresh burrata, bruschetta, drizzled over pastas and risottos, grilled meats and even as the glossy finish to a decadent dessert.

A Little Extra

Ancient civilisations used gold in food, as it was said to purify mind and spirit. Midas have brought this ancient practice back to life, infusing premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil with 24 Karat gold for Australia's most luxurious Olive Oil. Gold is a malleable metal that is skilfully heated, rolled and pounded over a 24 hour period to patiently stretch the solid gold into paper-thin (0.0001mm) edible gold sheets. The delicate material is then crumbled and gently mixed into the olive oil, where it settles to the bottom of the bottle.  Awaken the gold flakes before using, by gently inverting the bottle until the gold is evenly dispersed throughout. 

The Details


250mL glass bottle filled with 2022 Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with 24 Karat Gold. The golden pourer can be found tucked into a little pocket within the emerald green draw-string velvet bag.

Whilst olive trees love the sun, olive oil needs to be stored away from direct sunlight and at room temperature. Remove the cork and replace with the pourer to slowly decant the oil. 

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Midas 24K Gold Olive Oil 250mlMidas 24K Gold Olive Oil 250mlMidas 24K Gold Olive Oil 250ml